How is Radiography for Veterinarians Changing?


Radiography for veterinarians has evolved a great deal, but the basic purpose of it is still the same, to help diagnose patients as well as chart treatment, depending on the condition involved. However, even as the aim stays the same, there are other elements that are changing. Here are some of the key [...]

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How Fluoroscopy Can Help Your Veterinary Practice


Fluoroscopy is a type of medical imaging that produces a continuous X-ray image on a monitor. The applications of veterinary fluoroscopy are varied and many. These procedures presents numerous revenue-generating opportunities for your veterinary practice. Some applications of fluoroscopy include: Gastrointestinal system issues Heart movement Respiratory system Difficulty swallowing Tracheal collapse and stent [...]

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JPI Completes Veterinary Install in Arizona


JPI Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce the implementation of a new digital x-ray system at a veterinary clinic in Prescott, AZ. To learn more about our veterinary imaging solutions, including the DynaVue and DirectVet systems, please visit our veterinary solutions section. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us [...]

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JPI Supports Veterinary Industry Events


Today, JPI is attending the Wild West Veterinary Conference at the Grand Sierra Resort in beautiful Reno, NV. There, JPI will join the veterinary's industry finest suppliers to spread awareness of our veterinary solutions. October 4th is also World Animal Day, which is said to be "a special opportunity for everyone who cares [...]

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