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How to Recognize a Bad Grid Moire Pattern: The image on the right. It’s created by the grid and detector interacting, like when you take a picture of a TV screen. Seeing a moire pattern means grid suppression is not working. This could be a software issue, or could be because the grid [...]

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What is a Grid? A grid, fully named an “X-Ray Antiscatter Grid," is comprised of alternating lines of lead and another, much more X-ray transparent material, that is put directly in front of the detector or film. The purpose of them is to remove x-rays that have scattered and are not moving in [...]

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What are X-Ray Grids?


The basic purpose of X-ray grid use is to enhance the contrast and quality of the medial image by removing the scatter radiation. With regard to grid specifications, the object that scatter radiation arises is thicker than 10cm. The scatter radiation is also known as “Compton scatter radiation.” Depending on the purpose of [...]

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