Modern Trends in X-Ray Reimbursement


Most of the time, when we talk about major benefits in terms of using digital radiography, the main points that are brought up are efficiency and quality of images. However, there are also some other practical concerns that are nudging things towards this medium as well. For example, in the last few years, [...]

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New Advancements With Digital X-Rays


Digital radiography is slowly evolving to become the premier option for medical imaging.  External factors like compatibility and price are some of the few things keeping practices and professionals from adopting them. However, new innovations are making these issues easier to overcome, while providing additional benefits. Here are some of the latest digital [...]

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X-Ray Principles of Mammography


Unlike general radiography, nearly monochromatic x-ray is used for mammography. Molybdenum is used as the target material for the x-ray tube. The bremsstrahlung radiation is suppressed and filtration with Mo, W, Rd, and Al produces a characteristic x-ray spectrum with a single very strong peak. The monochromatic beam allows Photoelectric Effect (PE) to [...]

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Gaining a Technical Understanding of Radiology


X-Ray Sources X-rays are just like any other kind of electromagnetic radiation. They are produced in parcels of energy called photos just like light. There are two different atomic processes that can produce x-ray photons. One is called Bremsstrahlung, which is a fancy German name meaning “braking radiation.” The other is called K-shell [...]

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Best Practices in Orthopedic Radiology


Insofar as best practices for radiology in orthopedics are concerned, there are a number of crucial elements for doctors and specialists to observe and report. Adequacy with regard to number of views taken. Minimum of 2, preference for 3 while some bones require 4; images should have adequate penetration Normal x-rays should have [...]

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Mobile Healthcare ExamVue DR Applications


ExamVue DR panels are exceptionally portable and adaptable. Our panels durability, high radiation tolerance, and long better life are exemplary of our dedication to providing the best possible healthcare imaging solutions for every body. Direct-deposit CsI (Cesium Iodide) provides low dose care with exceptional image quality Full-field AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) technology for [...]

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