Two new advanced integrated veterinary imaging systems; a CBCT and a Fluoroscopy system announced for 2023 by JPI Healthcare Solutions. By Digital Journal, January 10, 2023.

“JPI’s new veterinary imaging integrated solutions for 2023 will bring a unique combination of CT, Fluoroscopy and Digital X-ray to the veterinary practice, our DynaVue Duo and DeteCT Vet CT put advanced imaging techniques into the hand of the veterinarian in the same equipment as digital x-ray, video and thermal imaging at a price that is very competitive against systems with fewer capabilities.”, the company’s Senior Product Manager, William Little, explained.

The DynaVue Duo, is a user-friendly veterinary digital radiography system that offers digital x-ray, fluoroscopy, video, and thermal imaging in a single package for diagnostic or surgical centers.

It was designed in-house by the JPI team along with industry-leading veterinarians to optimize workflow, image quality, and diagnostic results. DynaVue Duo is powered by the company’s innovative ExamVue Duo acquisition software, developed specifically with veterinarians needs and workflow optimization in mind.

The DeteCT Vet, is one of the most powerful and flexible CBCT systems available for veterinarians. It can provide full 17×17” digital x-ray images, full field fluoroscopy, video and thermal imaging, offering more imaging options with a single exam than any other CT machine in the market.

Full powered with monoblock generator, dynamic detector, and integrated with JPI’s cutting-edge ExamVue Duo acquisition software. Controls on the machine allow for easy movement with a motorized option. It is compact, taking up a minimum floor space while easily maneuverable through hospital hallways, with sensors to prevent collisions. The DeteCT Vet can be plugged into a simple 220V, 15A outlet, making repositioning and installing it simple and easy.

These two innovative JPI 2023 product introductions, have already begun to make headlines and to spotlight the company and its comprehensive integrated radiology solutions, that are significantly improving diagnostic accuracy and strengthening presence in the radiography field.

Those interested in JPI Healthcare Solutions new products or in the company’s other veterinary radiology solutions, can visit them at booth #5444 at VMX 2023, the world’s leading veterinary education conference in Orlando, which will be held at Orange County Convention Center this January 15-18, 2023.

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