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2-in-1 in-motion veterinary diagnostic tool with real time image.

Easy to use, non-invasive diagnostic system

DynaVue+ is a robust and user-friendly veterinary digital radiography system, designed to produce great X-ray images and live X-ray videos of companion animals.


Tailored For Veterinarians

The JPI team worked with industry-leading veterinarians to optimize standard workflow, image quality, and diagnostic results.

120 kVp Maximum Output Low Dose, High Frequency Generator for X-ray and Live X-ray Video

Industry-leading Image Quality and Diagnostic Results

Easy-to-use and Large Touchscreen Operating Console

User-friendly Interface

4-way Floating Table for Patient Positioning

4-way Floating Table for Patient Positioning

Compact Unit with Wheels for Convenient Positioning and Easy Cleaning

Powered by ExamVue Acquisition Software

Live X-ray Video Mode

Go from digital X-ray to Live X-ray Video mode mid-exam without any adjustment to your patient

X-ray Images

Live Xray Video

Diagnostic Applications

Surgical Applications

2-in-1 Features With Superior Diagnostic Tools

The DynaVue+ has fully functional high-end Digital X-ray with Live X-ray Video mode at a competitive price.

The DynaVue+ includes:

  • Detector for Static and Video Images
  • Generator for X-ray and Live X-ray Video
  • 4-way floating tabletop
  • Computer with touchscreen monitor
  • ExamVue acquisition software

Norberg Angle

VHS (Vertebral Heart Score)

Advanced Veterinary Tool-Set

  • Axial Angle
  • Clock Face
  • Clock Face (Lat View)
  • Clock Face (VD View)
  • Cross Angle
  • Liver Size
  • Middle Angle
  • Norberg Angle
  • Percent Coverage
  • Spine Label
  • TPA
  • Vertical Discrepancy
  • VHS
  • VLAS


ExamVue Duo can be expanded with the ExamVue PACS and JPI Cloud PACS, adding further tools for all kinds of veterinary practices.


Advanced Mobile Cloud Solutions

Mobile digital radiography processing, measurement, communication and storage solution. Digital x-ray images anytime, anywhere.

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ExamVue PACS

Local storage, backup and viewing solution

Acquire, store, distribute and display images locally.

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